Nine Mile Book Series

Nine Mile Book Series


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Perfect Crime - $16.00 ($2.99 shipping)

by David Weiss



“Perfect Crime is brilliant!”     — Jody Stewart.


“Perfect Crime is a haunted book. In it one feels a pas de deux of despair and obliquity, of image and abstraction. A wry, humorous darkness broods over the pages. Greek myths that thread through the book–Demeter, Andromache, Chronos, Kore, Echo, Hermes and the gang–imply a larger pattern of doom for humans–humans who have “expiration dates” and are usually crushed in their passionate contacts with gods. In the face of such doom, the human exercise of consciousness, through language, is a brave defiance, that these poems act out in page after page. Perfect Crime feels like one long poem, a “highway / with no exit ramps” and “no exits,” coherent in tone and method."     — Rosanna Warren

Where I Come From - $11.99 ($2.99 Shipping)

by Jackie Warren Moore



Of this poet, Rachel Guido deVries writes, “Jackie Warren-Moore’s poems take a good, clear look at our world and its ‘passing of civility.’  She writes with passion and rage about ‘Uncle Joe’ stealing her innocence, and can take on the voice of a Trayvon or a Grandmother with equal force and insight.  Her concluding poem, where ‘the women gather in circles’ and ‘make plans to rock the world,’  speaks to the passion and fervor with which she takes on that world, and pushes us to do the same.”



Selected Late Poems of Georg Trakl - $7.49 ($2.99 Shipping)

Translated by Bob Herz



This book includes all the poems Trakl wrote in the last two years of his life, from Sebastian in Dream and the poems that appeared in Der Brenner, plus some poems from other periods showing the development of the poet’s art.  The book also includes a long essay on Trakl and on his poems.



Bad Angels - $19.99 ($2.99 Shipping)

by Sam Pereira (2015)



Of this poet Peter Everwine wrote, “He’s an original.”  Pereira’s work has been praised by Norman Dubie, David St. John, and Peter Campion, among others.



Poems for Lorca - $9.95 ($2.99 Shipping)

by Walt Shepperd (2012)



The poems continue Mr. Shepperd’s lifelong effort to truly see and record the life around him. Lorca is his daughter, and the poems constitute an invaluable generational gift from father to daughter, and from friend, colleague, and community member to all of us.



Some Time in the Winter - $15.99 ($2.99 Shipping)

by Michael Burkard (2014)



A reprint of the famed original 1978 chapbook with an extended essay by Mr. Burkard on the origins of the poem and his thoughts about it.




Prior publications include the following, all out of print.




The Airplane Burial Ground

James Crenner (1976)


Of this book Marvin Bell wrote: “… the poet turns the pain of loss into the presence of art.” Mr. Crenner was co-founder and co-editor of The Seneca Review.




William Burtis (1978)


He writes with a real sense of life lived through that shines through every poem here.




Herbert Scott (1978; chapbook)


A long poem written with the precisionist’s ear and the surgeon’s knife.



Screen Gems

John Bowie (1978)


A posthumous book by a brilliant and extraordinary poet, with memorial essays and poems about Mr. Bowie by David St. John, Bob Herz, Larry Levis, Bill Burtis and Debora Greger.



Some Time In The Winter

Michael Burkard (1978; chapbook)


A marvelous long poem, reflective and inward.



The Passionate City

Barbara Moore (1979)


Phillip Booth wrote, “Barbara Moore’s poems are serious business; they spare nothing… in sharing with us their knowledge that we, too, are ‘made / Of grief and disparity and food and love.’”



The Olive Grove

David St. John (1980)


These poems give us the brilliance one expects from David St. John:. They are elegant, witty, comprehensive, praising.



The Year is Approaching Snow

James Cervantes (1981)


A great collection by this well-known and highly regarded poet, essayist, critic, magazine editor, publisher, anthology architect.



The Love & Death Boy

Roger Weingarten (1981)


The work includes poems by Mr. Weingarten and pictures of sculpture by Dina Yellen.

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